I got my filters switched

Me and my wife recently moved into a new home. Everything from the structure itself, to the plumbing, electricity amenities, and appliances were all brand new. It was the first home we had built together and designed ourselves. We chose the architect, plumber, electrician, HVAC installers, and so on and so forth. The project took five months total and there were setbacks here and there. The HVAC installation, however, was quick and easy, and there didn’t seem to be any problems, or so we thought. We had opted for a traditional central heating and air system, but the model was supposedly among the best around.That may have been true, but the installers ended up fudging up one particular part of the installation process. It was barely a year before we noticed a serious problem with our HVAC system. One hot summer day, the air conditioning just shut down completely. After some investigating, I discovered that the HVAC system had somehow tripped the circuit breaker. I thought nothing of it initially, but then it happened again the next day and this time the A/C would not come on at all and the HVAC system seemed completely dead. There was also a faint, burning smell in the air. When we called out an HVAC technician the next day, we discovered that our brand new heating & air system had been installed poorly when it came to the wiring. Apparently, the installer had done a slapdash job, and one of the wires was burned and frayed to the point of severing the connection, completely cutting off electricity to the system. The same HVAC company that sent out the technician to check on us was the same one that sent out the installer in the first place, so the company assured me that the installer would be disciplined for his carelessness.

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