We really are not worried

I have a serious problem with putting things off, especially if they cost money to deal with. I rent out a home, but I am responsible for most of its maintenance. That includes the HVAC system upkeep. Month after month I would come up with another excuse to use my money elsewhere than in maintaining and repairing the HVAC system.Then months turned into nearly a year. In all that time I had not even bothered to change out the air filter. Eventually though, all this willful ignorance came to a head. One day the HVAC system simply stopped working; small wonder there. What happened next woke me up to my bad habits. When I finally called out an HVAC technician to inspect what was wrong with my heating and air system, it was clear that he was doing his best not to make his disgust too apparent. The air filter and coils had gotten so dirty, that it caused the compressor to fail prematurely. He explained that I would have gotten way more mileage out of the compressor if I had simply changed out the air filters and had routine maintenance done on my HVAC system. The amount of money that I ended up getting billed for the repairs was enough to convince me to never let such a thing happen to my HVAC system again. I may still be irresponsible in some ways, but you can bet that from then on, my climate control system was kept in the best of condition via regularly scheduled maintenance for it.