That was a huge pain

I recently had to babysit my brother’s dog. I did not realize how much work and money dogs are. I felt like I was constantly walking, feeding and giving water to the dog. Also the dog needs special food and treats. It also needs flea medicine applied daily. For what the dog provides, I don’t feel it is worth all that. After the dog went back to my brother’s I noticed another issue with it. The dog sheds hair in three colors. Every surface in my home had noticeable hair. Even the rooms the dog did not go in had hair because of my central HVAC unit. The hair was blown into the air ducts and then spread throughout the home. After the dog left I had to scrub my house top to bottom. The rugs needed heavy duty cleaning especially. Just out of curiosity I opened up my HVAC unit. I literally gasped out loud when I saw the amount of hair that was in my HVAC unit. It actually is shocking the air conditioning and heating unit would still turn on. There was so much hair that it looked like a rat’s nest. The air filter was totally clogged with the fur as well. I needed to perform really thorough and a deep clean in order to get everything out. What does my brother do about this with his HVAC equipment? Does he just allow it to be hairy or is he always cleaning it? It would be interesting to compare energy bills with my brother to see how much the hair is costing him.

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