We are all loving the community

My brother Joe and his wife recently had to relocate for Joe’s job. He’s the vice president of marketing at a big home improvement company, and they needed him to take over operations for the southeastern part of the country. It just so happens that the company built their new headquarters down in the Tampa Bay, Florida area a couple of years ago. And so Joe and his wife had to relocate to Florida to live in or near Tampa Bay. Both Joe and his wife are from the northern part of the country where we all grew up. So needless to say, a move to the Tampa, Florida area was a big change, both geographically and weather-wise! Joe said that he just didn’t know what to make of the weather and the climate down in Tampa at first. He said it was so nice and the weather was so temperate that he felt like he was on a permanent vacation! He also said that the warm weather makes it really hard to wear a suit into the office when he has to go to the headquarters of the company which is located right near downtown Tampa. The good thing about going into downtown Tampa, though, is the fact that there are so many good restaurants to visit! He loves going to Roux, to The Attic Cafe, Hattricks, and his very favorite, The Pint and Brew restaurant and bar. He said that when we come down to visit this summer, he’s definitely going to take me out of the town to see everything that Tampa Bay, Florida has to offer. From what he’s said about it, I think that The Pint and Brew might be worth the trip all by itself!

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