Enjoying the gulf coast

My husband is from the southern part of the country, down in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area. However, I’m from the northern part. When we first met, I always used to make fun of him when he would say how cold he was when he would come up to visit me. Since it’s just about always snowing up here where I live, and it never snows in the Tampa Bay area, he just wasn’t used to it at all. He didn’t even own a winter coat before we started dating! I guess you don’t need a coat when you live down by the beach in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. I always used to love going down to visit him when we were dating. I would fly into the Tampa International Airport in Hillsborough County, Florida and then my husband would pick me up and we’d either drive into downtown Tampa or go straight to St. Petersburg. Sometimes we would go out on a date to the downtown Tampa area. My favorite thing to do was to go to the Straz Center for Performing Arts downtown in Tampa. They would have all kinds of things going on there, but my favorite thing to see was the Florida Orchestra. There’s really a whole lot to do in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, especially for a young couple. I guess there’s a lot to do if you’re a family, too. We don’t have kids yet, but hopefully by the time that we do have kids, we will be able to move back down to the Tampa Bay area. We live up north now because of my job, but I’m going to try and get transferred to Tampa as soon as I can!

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