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I used to drive college bus, which is not a task I would recommend for anyone who does not have a lot of patience.  As a teacher, the first thing they tell you is to never turn your back on a room full of students. As a bus driver, you regularly have your back to a bus full of students.  It’s not just twenty children, however seventy-two, or as much as eighty-several if you have a single of the newest extended buses. The worst thing about driving a college bus, is the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan on those things.  It can really hot while the two of us were in the summertime, in our area. Our college buses did not have A/C. The two of us had a heating equipment that would burn your legs if you didn’t keep it turned down. The heating seldom did anything for the kids in the back of the bus.  Summer but, has pretty much everyone complaining. It gets so hot in the front of the bus that you can barely breathe. The fans just blow the heat around. Our bus owner had planned on getting a couple busses with A/C, just for those of us who took kids to college all year round. Since I drove for special needs, I felt it was a necessity, but he kept putting off the purchase.  Finally some of the parents got on the bandwagon as well as demanded bussing with A/C for their children. Unfortunately, the air conditioned bus didn’t get purchased until the year I retired. I would have care about to be able to drive a bus that had A/C. Somebody else will be benefiting from our complaints.

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