The central heater is working okay

When I was growing up, I had numerous younger siblings that were at least five years younger than me. At sixteen, I was often seen as the “mother” of our family, since both of our parents worked well past the official 9-5 task schedule 6 days a week. I would scrub the house, delegate chores, however most pressingly I would cook for all of us throughout the afternoon. If you haven’t had the satisfaction of cooking for four people, just think that it’s a great way to heat your condo in the Winter season without needing the actual oil furnace! Every one of us had an old gas oil furnace that the two of us practically never used, simply because I had to cook so often & in such large volume that the two of us had plenty of heat just from using the kitchen stove all afternoon long! For that same reason, the two of us had a difficult time keeping the condo cool during the summertime. Every one of us had more than one window air conditioning units, 1 in our parent’s room & 1 in the family room, so the two of us didn’t have much of a way to keep an entire condo cooled down aside from leaving windows open all afternoon. Of course, having the windows open meant that a ton of dirt, dust & other outdoor debris would find its way inside! Every one of us didn’t have any real ductwork to circulate the air in our home, so the two of us just had to scrub the entire condo often to keep the air somewhat fresh. It was rough back then, however I’m cheerful I have a condo of our own now – with an excellent central air conditioning system, & ductwork that I have professionally cleaned by an Heating & A/C specialist every 6 weeks. I can’t imagine living prefer I did as a teenager ever again!

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