We took a quick shower

This one door in my house has been driving me crazy since the fall, until my roommate and I finally came up with a way to deal with it. We thought of all the doors in the house, this nice slider door wouldn’t be a problem. It was a brand new Andersen door when we moved into the rental home, so we thought it wouldn’t give us a single issue. Well the problem is it wasn’t installed right because the house is crooked, so there’s a major slant of a gap between the door and where it sits inside the slider. There’s no easy cure for it, and the landlord assures us it’s fine. The problem is, the door is recessed. There are curtain hanging brackets in the ceiling a few feet in front of, but these won’t work to stop the drafts. Energy saving curtains need to be pretty snug and covering a window or door in order to effectively block cold air from entering a home. For months we’ve dealt with being cold on the couch by the door no matter how high we turn up the oil heating, until finally one day we knew what to do. We were shopping when my roommate realized we could just get a shower curtain tension rod and energy saving curtains. This way we could pull off this energy saving tip correctly. Sure enough, we now have no more drafts, and setting it up only took a few seconds. With this innovated set up, the house is so much warmer and our central heating system is cycling a lot less!

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