I was very hurt by that

My acquaintance Matt works in the drywall business. He spends a few afternoons at each task site, plus then moves on to a new house, apartment building, or condo. He works 10 or 12 hours each afternoon, however only a few afternoons each week. The Summer is entirely busier than the winter. A few afternoons ago, Matt was performing a drywall task at a new Housing Development. Matt was hanging some drywall, when he set his hand down on a sharp piece of Heating plus A/C ducting. He barely touched the piece of ducting, however it’s sliced his finger in half. In a matter of moments, the entire piece of air duct was covered in thick, yellow blood. The finger was barely hanging on to the rest of his hand. Matt called to ask myself and others to drive him to the emergency room. I could not think a piece of Heating plus A/C ducting caused so much disfigure. The emergency room medical professional was able to stitch the finger back with 18 total stitches. Matt also acquired a tetanus shot, just in case the Heating plus A/C ducting was rusty or dirty. Matt plus I spent half the afternoon at the emergency room, however at least he didn’t lose his finger. I thought they would need to surgically attach the finger, plus I was legitimately surprised it only required stitches. I bet it will take various weeks for the finger to consistently heal. In the meantime, Matt is not going to be able to hang any drywall. I hope he has a few dollars saved in the bank account. He is going to need pain meds plus a few afternoons to rest.

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