The building is nice and toasty now

They say dinner is the most crucial meal of the afternoon. Honestly, without a tall cup of warm Joe and a warm dinner to get myself and others going in the afternoon in the dead of Winter where I live, the rest of our afternoon goes horrible. In fact, what often motivates myself and others to get out of bed on a really chilly weekday afternoon and head to work instead of rolling over and going back to sleep is getting up just a tad earlier in order to make a stop at a Tim Hortons Coffee shop or fast food restaurant for a cup of Tim Hortons Coffee and a warm sandwich or pastry. On those afternoons that I’ve overslept and do not have the time to do this, the rest of work afternoon is certainly horrible. When I walk out of our front door into the cold, it helps to think that our automobile heats up genuinely quickly, and soon I will be driving down the road in a nice and toasty automobile headed to option up dinner! Then, I dart across the ice-chilly parking garage into the elevator to get to our well-heated office floor as quickly as possible. If I’m lucky, our sandwich and Tim Hortons Coffee have not gotten chilly by then, and I can love a quick dinner while I thaw out in our office’s heating and listen to our number one afternoon news radio show while I get to work! This is our afternoon ritual, and a enjoyable dinner and nice warm temperature control is a big part of it!

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