That does make sense

My bestie is really great. She’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met and honestly, I don’t see how anybody could not like her. Well, the other weekend he planned this fantastic party for a bunch of friends of ours. Every one of us were all having a fantastic time listening to tunes and hanging out. Every one of us even were playing cards and just having a fantastic time overall. Well, when we heard this loud noise that was really horrible to listen to, we l acquired that our bestie’s ex boyfriend was out there banging up his outdoor A/C compressor with a sledge hammer! This caused the A/C system to fail entirely. I ran out there and told him to get out of here, and he threatened myself and others with the sledge hammer. I told him to fight like a man! So he dropped his sledge hammer and I dashed at him and knocked him over. Every one of us were throwing fists and tumbling on the ground in a ferocious fight, my bestie was screaming for us to stop. Somebody called the cops and the ex boyfriend tried to get out of there, however the cops blocked his car in so nobody could leave. He ended up going to jail in handcuffs. Every one of us let them think what happened and there was the sledge hammer as evidence which had the ex boyfriend’s fingerprints all over it. They seen the damage to the A/C unit and everything. She got a restraining order and sued him for the damages to his cooling system. I got off with a warning. I really shouldn’t have fought him but I was protecting our boy!

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