Dad was a HVAC tech

When I was very little I used to sneak into my dad’s study and listen to his old music. I really hate to date myself and reveal how old I am, but this was a while ago, and the music was old even then. Most people these days won’t even know what 8-Track tapes were, they were rendered obsolete long before cassette tapes, which are also long since obsolete. My dad was not keen on anyone invading his personal man cave, so I had to be clever about it. The best times to do it was when he got called out at night for work. He was an HVAC tech and would get emergency calls anytime day or night, so I always stayed alert for when he would catch a call after dark. If he was going to get dressed, load up the van, and go out on an HVAC call after hours, I knew he would be gone at least 2 hours, if not longer. Whenever the HVAC repair van pulled out of the darkened driveway I would put on my slipper and go into his study to listen to 8 track tapes. I had to wear the headphones, which meant I wouldn’t be able to hear if he returned from his HVAC call, so I had to be crafty. I would sit facing the window, and when the headlights of his HVAC van fell across it I jumped up, turned off the stereo, and ran back to bed. I must admit it added an extra element of fun and danger to the music.

HVAC specialist