Dreaming of a heated driveway

Ever since I moved out in the country, things have both gotten easier and much harder. Sure, we get home from work faster now and with less aggravation because we’re not dealing with heavy traffic and congested motorways. Our home is also a lot cheaper–we get a whole lot more space for less money because we’re not paying those inner-city prices. However, with owning our own place comes a lot more work. There’s no landlord to put out the deicer or to shovel the snow for us before we get out to work. That duty now falls to my husband and I, and we both loathe the work. This means getting up earlier, and having to shower again before we’ve had our breakfast. I’m finding myself sweating so much from all the work that the house is almost too warm, even though we only keep the gas boiler set to about 60 when we first get up. But our neighbors almost never have to deal with it, unless its a real blizzard, because they have a heated driveway. I ran into one of them while walking the dog yesterday, and apparently the heated driveway is installed right into the HVAC system for the house. If you have a gas boiler, which we do, it can be installed as part of the system so the boiler does all of the work. You just have to lay pipes for the heating system, similar to how you would heated floors. I’m hopeful that one day we’ll be able to afford a heated driveway too.

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