I am living my dream

I used to work as a chef for a catering company. On average, I’d spend 40 hours a week in a kitchen, prepping and cooking food for events that served hundreds of people. As you can imagine, this type of job, requires high quantities of employees to work together, meaning that the kitchen was often crowded. Crowds and food do not go together, especially when the kitchen isn’t air conditioned. One time, I was on grill duty. Flipping hundreds of burgers, smoke was everywhere. I could hardly move because the chef to the right of me was cutting onions, and the chef to the left was cooking some sort of stew, only adding to the humid, steamy kitchen environment. Honestly, I was sweating so much that I wouldn’t have been surprised if the sweat on my forehead trickled down into one of the burgers. My coworkers and I had complained many times to the manager that he needed to install some sort of HVAC unit, not only because the smoke kept setting off the fire alarm, but also because it was a public health hazard. Food could get contaminated if not kept at the proper temperature. Plus, no one wants to be a sweaty mess on the job. It took awhile, but we finally convinced our boss to call up an HVAC company to hire an HVAC technician. The technician installed a couple mini-split, ductless air conditioner, which he positioned high up on the kitchen ceiling. The installment was simple. All the technician had to do was drill a three-inch hole in the ceiling to connect the condenser and evaporator, and wallah! All done! Words can’t describe how nice it was feeling the cool air blow against my sweatless neck as I flipped burgers the next day.

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