Hot water that never runs cold

My wife has had only one dream for the last three years–to put an end to the hot water squabbles. She has been nothing short of amazing as a mother to our two kids, wife to me, all while constantly moving up the ladder at work. This woman has the patience of a saint, but there is one thing that sets even her off, and that’s when she goes to take a shower at the end of the day only for the tap to run cold. Between the kids baths, laundry, and dishes, hot water is in high demand at our household. She has known what the solution would be for years, but getting there is not easy. There is a type of water heater called a tankless water heater that is able to heat water whenever you need it. This on demand systems means you never run out of water, in the same way a gas boiler never runs out of gas because its being constantly delivered to the house via a line in your city. However, the problem is pricing and requirements. First off, an endless water heater costs to the tune of ten grand. Second, you need a fantastic gas boiler to run the system. Fortunately we already have a gas boiler system in place, we just needed to update to a condenser boiler. We were able to get the new boiler last year, and have been saving up for the water heater ever since. Though saving for that water heater is going to take at least another year, the new gas boiler has been a huge help. The condenser boiler works to recover heat that would otherwise be lost, lowering the utility bill so we can put more aside for the water heater.

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