The mall HVAC is driving people away

I am done shopping at malls because the HVAC is just too horrible. Online shopping has made everything easier and simpler. I used to go to the mall once a month, more during the holidays. Now I don’t ever go to a mall. The temperature control settings in the mall are totally out of whack. In the summer the mall blasts the air conditioning to the point that I feel the need to buy a jacket. Is that a marketing ploy? Whoever sets the thermostat does not realize that normal humans don’t want to be 40 degrees in the summer. In the winter the mall heater is out of control. We have to dress for the outdoor elements. I have to wear a thick wool coat and boots to be outside. Once I am inside I wish I was wearing a swimsuit. Really, the indoor temperature of the mall should not be so different than outside. We dress for the outdoor weather so have inside match it. The HVAC can make it slightly more comfortable, but not the reverse. All it does is irritate people. Now that I shop online, I have perfect HVAC. I don’t need to drive or get dressed up either. In the winter I sit in front of my heater with hot chocolate and buy what I need. In the summer I can sit outside on my deck and get what I have to get. Online shopping is going to get rid of all the malls of the world. The HVAC is really driving people away too.