Dry skin and dust needs a humidifier

It is almost February, and I still don’t have all of my indoor Christmas decorations put away.  I didn’t really realize that I hadn’t taken them all down until I sat at my kitchen counter. I looked up, and I still had the garland and the wreath on my stairway that leads to the loft.  I noticed one other thing, and that was all of the dust that was hanging from the garland and the wreath. It had trails of dust leading from the decorations to the wood railings. I know that it is super dry in my home, because my hair is full of static and my skin is so dry that it hurts.  I guess I didn’t think about how my dry skin and hair, could be because the house is so dry. I also know that I have a problem with my air vents. I knew that I had to take the air vents out and clean the air ducts. If cleaning the air vents and air ducts doesn’t get rid of the dust problem, I will have to have someone check  my ductwork and to clean it. I know my husband changed the air filter in the furnace, just recently. He has also turned on the humidifiers to get some extra moisture into our home. I used to have lotion for my skin, but I recently found something better. It is almost hard and it smooths onto the skin, but it smells really good.  Hopefully, between the new salve and the humidifiers, I will not have the cracks to go with the dry skin.

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