They gave me one more chance

                        I do not entirely understand the youth of today, they don’t want to work a difficult job… When I was younger, I’d look tirelessly to find full-time work. It was almost impossible to find a full-time work with great pay plus solid benefits.  To the point where most of my friends ended up in the mines or on the farms doing back-breaking work most days. I had to spend numerous months in an apprenticeship before I could even learn the trade. During these months, I had to work 50 hours each week, without being paid, to learn how to service gas or oil furnaces and boilers.  Now, I can barely get my employees to work 40 hours without complaining about overtime. I own a small A/C service business… Every one of us specialized in the new Green energy when pertaining to HVAC. We have been in business for over 20 years, and every year the employees grow lazier and lazier as time goes on… Last week, I had to fire 2 of my HVAC specialists, and one of these HVAC specialists has been with my company for 3 years. The other HVAC specialist was a new hire from just last month. My employees decided to go have a drink together. While they were out, they got into a bar fight. They were arrested plus held overnight in County Jail. I bailed them out and gave them another chance. The next month they were arrested again, but this time for a DUI. I have no option but fire both of the HVAC specialists. I am sad to lose them because they could have had a promising future in this business. Unfortunately, I cannot condone this behavior after giving them a second chance against my own judgment.

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