A security guard who has access to the thermostat during the graveyard shift

I am a security guard at a large banking company headquarters downtown. I’m on the graveyard shift, so the only employees that I typically see are those that are working late in the office, janitorial staff, and fellow security guards. I am the kind of person that has always been selfless when it comes to the protection of others and I’m proud to be a security guard and entirely willing to do everything necessary to keep the employees and customers safe. Despite all of that, the job can indeed be boring. I’m pretty grateful that I have a social life and a wife and kid, in that regard. Whenever I arrive, around sundown every day, the building always seems to be ridiculously cold. The powers to be seem to like it frigid in the building, but I have my own ideas about comfort. I managed to find a way to access the thermostats near my typical posts. As I said, there’s not too many people in the building at all during my shift, so nobody really minds if I adjust the temperatures to my liking. The other security guards feel the same, so I’m not alone in thinking that the building is kept ridiculously cold. I had been adjusting the temperature to my liking for several months, thinking nothing of it, when suddenly one night, as I was walking up to the thermostat shortly after the beginning of my shift, I saw a little sticky note asking people not to mess with it.This did not deter me in the least from setting a temperature I prefer, just as I always had. If whoever left a note wants to find out who is changing the temperature, they would have to access the video footage from the cameras, and guess who has the access to that!

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