Driving a semi out in the winter wilderness and having a good heater

I used to drive a semi truck route in the northern wilderness of this country. It was brutally cold work, but I’m built like a bear anyway, and I had a nice big insulated jacket and hat that kept me warm whenever I had to get out of my truck. It was a lonely route, but the barren wasteland had its own sort of beauty, and I was far enough north that I could see the Northern Lights at times at night! I have to admit that the charm of the frozen countryside was best enjoyed from within the cabin of my semi truck. Chiefly, because that was where it was nice and warm and toasty thanks to the excellent climate control system that I had in there. I took good care of all the mechanical aspects of that truck, but as far as I was concerned, having a good heating system was right up there with making sure that the engine started when I turned the key in terms of importance. Heck, I can remember a time when I ended up breaking down out there, but still had control of my heating system. Being able to have the heating on pretty much kept me alive until I had help arrive. I might have been able to make it otherwise, but I don’t like to think about what it would be like without the benefit of the heating system during those six long hours. Pretty happy I had enough gas in the tank to keep the heater going too!

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