Mildew smell originating from the HVAC ducts

There was this moldy mildew smell coming from my air ducts for the longest time. It was especially noticeable in the summertime when I was using the air conditioning almost nonstop. I do my best to keep my home clean and I have guests over often, so this smell was annoying and embarrassing to say the least. I mean, no matter how clean you keep your house, mildew smell stigmatizes it as dirty as far as I’m concerned. Who needs that? When I couldn’t stand the smell any longer, I decided to call out an HVAC service man. The smell was originating from the air ducts, so I thought that perhaps there was something wrong with my HVAC system. The HVAC repairman quite quickly determined that there wasn’t actually anything wrong with the HVAC unit itself. However, he had come across this mildew smell before in similar circumstances in other homes. The mildew smell was originating from water damage. The summer time coincides with an intense rainy season around these parts and there were leaks in the attic that were causing water to find its way into the air ducts, allowing mildew to grow. I ended up needing to repair these holes to prevent water from getting into the house and into the HVAC equipment. I also ended up having the HVAC technician do a thorough cleaning of the air ducts to eliminate the water and mildew that had already accumulated in there. Before long, we managed to get rid of the mildew smell entirely, and I was back to entertaining guests in a respectable home with a fresh scent!

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