A picnic gone south

I suppose that picnicking in the park is the ideal way to spend a spring afternoon. It’s nice and romantic and the sun is warm and shining and skies are blue and yada yada yada. Those are under ideal circumstances, mind you, and the weather this spring has been less than ideal where I live. It has been uncharacteristically hot, there seems to be more bugs buzzing around in the air than usual, and those bugs are accompanied by a ridiculous amount of pollen! So, when my girlfriend suggested that we go out to the park on a Saturday afternoon to have a picnic, it initially sounded like a lovely idea. Then, things started going south as soon as we got to the park and got out of the vehicle. A humid 85° is not my idea of ideal picnicking weather. As we were setting things up, I was sneezing pretty badly too! We finally gave up when the mosquito cloud was heading our way. I felt genuinely bad, and my girlfriend had good intentions, but I was immediately relieved when we got back in the vehicle and cranked up the air-conditioning. We decided to head back home really quick to get our picnicking food back in the fridge and then headed out to a nice restaurant instead. At least we would have lunches for the next few days and the air conditioning in the restaurant was divine, as was the food.I was more than happy to pay for the atmosphere as much as I was to pay for the meal!

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