She does not own a/c

My best friend does not have air conditioning and she is unapologetic about it. She feels that it is a waste of money since we live in the northern region of the country. Because most of our year is chilly, she doesn’t think it’s necessary to pay for central air that will only be utilized for a few months of the year. I admire her passion, but I don’t share it. She always invites me over to her house, and I usually enjoy it, but in the summer, I am always trying to urge her to meet me in a public place or to come over to my house. I am worried about hurting her feelings, so I don’t want to tell her out right that I’d rather be somewhere with air conditioning. I just cannot stand being hot and sticky. It’s always such a wonderful feeling when you’ve been out in the humidity and you finally come inside to cool off. Sometimes I can’t come up with a reason or excuse to get out of going to her house, so I am forced to just suffer through it. I’ve found the best way to avoid this is by being proactive with plans. For example, I make an extra effort to ask my best friend to hang out before she has the chance to. When I ask her to hang out, I make sure that I have a specific plan in my mind before she has the opportunity to suggest that I come stop by her place. This is usually effective. Last week, I asked her to go on a walk with me and stop for lunch. By the end of the walk, we were so hot. The air conditioning at the restaurant felt so amazing and cooled me down instantly. I can’t understand how my friend wouldn’t want to experience the cool air all the time.

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