working the summer off

Working as a teacher, I have the summers off. This past year, I decided to spend the summer focusing on getting into fitness and being healthier. I joined a gym near my house and I made a plan for myself. I worked out every other day for roughly 2 hours each day, and I also made a new diet plan to follow. I normally enjoy these workouts a lot, but one day, there had been an issue with the heating and cooling at the gym. Normally, I am greeted with a gust of cool air. Even when it’s boiling hot outside, I am always cool and comfortable throughout my workouts at the gym. That’s why I was shocked to walk into a hot, sticky environment that day. The air conditioning system was making a strange, concerning sound, so the staff called an HVAC technician to come take a look. In order to repair the damages, the HVAC technician was forced to turn the air conditioning system completely off. While the servicing and repairs only took a couple of hours, the gym had gotten substantially warm. I tried to stay to workout, but I was so hot. With all of the people around and the door constantly opening to the outside to let people in and out, the gym was just not a comfortable temperature for a workout. I stayed for as long as I could, but I only made it through about half the length of my typical workout. The trainers at the gym assured me that everything would be fixed by the end of the day. When I finally returned to the gym, I was once again met with a gust of cool air. I swear, the HVAC technician must have done a really good job because the cool air felt even better than it normally did!

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