This system is awesome

I desperately want to have Heating as well as Air Conditioning zone control in our house. I live with numerous other people in the home. All of us all have our own rooms and own Heating as well as Air Conditioning preferences, and certain people want heating all year while others seem absurd for AC. Deciding on a single centralized temperature has gotten to be such a pain. It is enjoy World War III by the control device on the wall, however every minute someone is changing the temperature and irritating the other occupants in the house. All of us can’t agree on how much heating and air is good for the season. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan is not going to last if it always has to adjust to a new temperature. The swings have been so big that the Heating as well as Air Conditioning has literally switched from AC to heating and back to air conditioning again. I suppose adding zone control will lessen the tension. I would need to get a ductless mini split for the house. Then every room would get an indoor air handler and smart control device to run the temperature in that particular  room. Each man in the home could decide on the heating and air in their family room. The issue is that the family room, family room and bathroom would have their own device too. Either the two of us would need to take turns on who controls those rooms or all agree on those uneven temperatures. Maybe people will be more likely to compromise since their family rooms will be the right uneven temperatures. I guess I won’t care as much about the family room temperature if I get heating at night while I sleep.

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