This cleaning really helped

A few weeks ago, I woke up in the morning and the temperature control was set to 74°, but I live alone, and I did not remember setting the temperature control to 74 degrees. I thought it was just an anomaly, and I assumed I was sleepwalking, however, a few days later, I came to my lake house from work and found the heat pump running. I had the AC running, when I left that morning. I was starting to imagine I might be going loco, until I talked to a few of my buddies. I told them about the unusual temperature control problems, and they proposed calling a Heating and Air Conditioning business, because they believed it could be faulty wiring or malfunctioning control board that could be the problem. Since my buddies did not believe I was crazy, I decided to contact the business. I told them about the unusual temperature control problems, and they agreed with my buddies’ assumptions. They sent an expert to the lake house yesterday who reviewed the temperature control. He removed the cover and fiddled with a few unusual wires. He asked what I spilled on the temperature control, and I was actually confused. I did not spill anything on the temperature control. The HVAC technician then went ahead to show me some dried liquid. He said I needed a new temperature control, because the liquid had caused some wiring problems. I was quite frustrated, until I remembered my best friend was in the city last month, called him and asked if he spilled something on the temperature control, and he grew silent on the phone, and I heard him breath out. He admitted to slipping in the hallway, while carrying a bottle of beer.

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