A very clean air vent

For a few months, I have been now working at a retail store that is not doing well financially. There are quite a few things that are wrong with this place. For one, the air quality is just God awful! It’s so bad until this store could use an air purification plan or something. That would at least get rid of the rancid odor in this place. The employees that working before I started here have since quit their jobs, and how could I blame them? I mean, it’s not the greatest place to work. It seems no matter how much I clean up, it’s always dusty & filthy in this store! I always long for my breaks, so I can get outside & get a breath of fresh air. There are times when it is extremely taxing to breathe inside this building, and we barely have any sales on most days. At most, we’ll get about half a dozen people that come into our building, and they don’t buy anything! To be frank, nobody stays in the store for long and it’s entirely because of the air quality. I asked the boss about this, but he just shrugs it off and treats this situation as if it’s no sizable deal. If he wants to turn this store around, he needs to think about taking care of his heating as well as air Conditioning plan service. A nice HVAC duct cleaning & an air purification plan would do the trick. If something does not make a change soon, I will be looking for a new job, as this job is a health hazard.


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