I am a nervous guy

While building our new room in the attic space, I realized there was something we left out, which was that we should have connected the new room to the HVAC duct system. Now we had to go out and buy a portable oil furnace plus a window A/C component for the room! So we ended up moving our son into the new room in the attic from his old room, and he really likes the room. The room looks legitimately great, plus I invested a lot of money in the project to build this room. I ended up getting him an infrared area heater. I heard these are the best furnaces to get due to them being highly energy efficient. I understand that infrared furnaces heat the objects in a room as opposed to the air, which also makes them energy efficient. When he first started using this heater, he did not understand how to use the thermostat, so he would just turn the oil furnace all the way up to 86 degrees. Then, he kept complaining that it was too hot in his room plus he would shut off the heater, and then it would get too cold. I had to show him how to use a thermostat and told him to just keep it at 74 degrees because the room was insulated so well. It was kept just right at 74 degrees as instructed. Every now and then, I’ll check his room and also check the heater, which he still leaves it set at full blast sometimes.

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