That’s the end

                                               I told my wife yesterday that I have a grand new idea for our house! For years I have been saving and saving to make this dream come true! When I first relocated into our condo there was an old boiler system in the basement. The boiler worked as the condo furnace and did pretty fine work. The heat came up through grates in the bathroom floor. It looked terrible, however when you are without money as long as you have heating you won’t care. I have replaced our heating system now that I have saved up. I have replaced all the vents. I also have ripped up all our existing carpets and gotten the floors down to the bare bones. I finally have enough money to have oak flooring all over the condo and I will have a hydronic heating system. My idea is to hook up new piping to the boiler system in the basement. The piping then goes inside the wood floors. This method creates hydronic heating. The boiler heats water and then the water flows through the floors in the house, then every room gets equal heating and there are no chilly spots since the piping is located everywhere. This removes dusty air because it is not air. Also with this method, no heated air rises so you can actually lower the temperature on the thermostat to save some currency. I finally can have our new system installed and I just can’t wait. The new heating will change our house. I have gone too long with outdated carpets and a boiler system blowing air.

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