I would love holiday pay

My bro Garrett and I are the poorest college guys, and it is superb how far we get being so short on money. Garrett and I got a cool deal buying a house right by the school, payment is cheap enough that we can pay for our food and school every year. There is not much more left over after since we make so little. All of the house repairs have to be done by us. If something is broken, we are the ones who need to make it work. Right now we are going without any kind of heat. In this southern weather, no heating is not the worst, but not certainly not fun. On occasion the winter temperatures do get low and it gets super cold in the house. In the end both of us honestly do like to have some method of heating to be happy. This being said, it is not cheap to have a house furnace plan. Getting a furnace repair will cut our budget, on the other hand how do we live without food, liquor or fuel for our cars? We think that nothing can go. Garrett and I are going to last with a few old space furnaces friends have sold to us. Each of us has a space furnace in the lavatory by the piping. Our southern state temperatures don’t get that freezing, but better it’s probably better to be safe than sorry. The last thing we can afford is to fix frozen piping. The other space furnace is in the family room and for more warmth, we have been  sharing a room with our body heat and a space heater, it is tolerable. The rest of the house is insanely cold, but the winter season isn’t long where we are, we think this is a pretty smart idea right?

HVAC system