That was my only job

There are many things in life that just happen and they are easy.  As a kid, your parents, grandparents, and even friends, make life seem pretty simple.  You don’t have much responsibility, for the most part, and you can enjoy your youth. Once you become a teenager, things get a bit tougher.  You may think that school, your first job, and paying for your car or insurance are the worst, but that will seem like a snap once you have a house and kids.  Adult responsibility can be overwhelming at times. You have others depending on your to provide the daily needs that they have. Either your boss, who expects you to complete a job, or your kids, who depend on you for everything from food to clothing, or a spouse who needs your love and support.  You don’t get to take a day off from being an adult. If you own a home you have things that need to be done there too. You must maintain it and ensure that your HVAC system, is serviced so you don’t end up without heat in the middle of the night or worse. Can you imagine the look on your spouse or children’s faces if they are freezing in the middle of the night.  There are times I want to say, “I quit”, when it comes to the hard stuff of being an adult. I know that is not an option but it would be nice to escape it from time to time. Maybe my wife and I can plan a trip to the tropics where I can relax in the sun all day and then the cool air conditioned hotel at night. That would be a nice break anyway.

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