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Living in the state of AZ is no picnic, especially from the weeks of May through early November. The weather as well as air quality is particularly awful to put it lightly. You may as well be residing inside some fire roasted gas gas furnace! But, another thing that comes with this awful weather is monsoons. When the monsoons hit, it makes the air quality from awful to worse. This is because of all the desert sand blowing all over the place. Also, it makes your a/c idea labor overtime. Not as if it doesn’t already labor overtime while in the weeks I mentioned. But with the monsoons, you have to be extra careful as well as make sure your air filters are changed out almost every other week, but usually, I change mine once every few weeks. But this time of year, it has to be different. This is because if you do not change out that air filter, the dust as well as dirt from the awful air quality will majorly clog up your cooling system. This could cost you hundreds, or maybe even thoUSands in heating as well as cooling maintenance costs. It could also make it so that your heating as well as a/c idea completely breaks. If this were to happen, you would have to spend thoUSands on a brand modern heating as well as cooling idea all together. So, if you live in the state of AZ, do yourself a substantial favor. Always change your air filter twice a month while in monsoon season. Then, you should be all enjoyable with your Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C needs until the weather clears up in November.

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