My main beef about the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C units with my first child versus the rest

They say that your oldest child is entirely the most messed up, however they usually turn out to be the most well-behaved child out of all of them. This is because you are the strictest with your first child compared to the rest of them, however since I didn’t recognize anything as a parent, I made all sorts of rules plus regulations with my son that I didn’t keep for my other teenagers, by the time I had them, I either didn’t care or realized that all of that worry is completely unnecessary! Even the way that I used my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment was weird from my first child compared to the rest of them. I was consistently worried that my baby was going to be cold all of the time. That Summer, I never once turned on my cooling system. It was tepid inside my house, plus my hubby plus I were consistently sweaty without the cooling system. My hubby would consistently try to adjust the temperature control, plus I would become miserable! During the Winter, we kept the gas furnace running hotter than we ever had before, plus I still made my baby bundle up in layers. However, the way I set my temperature control was completely weird for the rest of my teenagers. My other teenagers would walk around in their diapers with the cooling system blowing as cold as I could set it. In the Winter, we tried to keep the gas furnace down to save on bills, because diapers are high-priced. If our teenagers got cold, we would bundle them up, however we entirely weren’t as worried as with our first kid.


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