Have HVAC units ever caused water damage to your house?

I have so much trouble with water damage in my house.

It isn’t that my roof is leaky or that we are easily flooded.

In fact, I have spent thousands of dollars sealing my entire basement and redoing my entire roof to make sure that we have no water coming into our house. On the other hand, we have a ton of water damage that is caused by our HVAC units. Obviously, you can do a lot more damage with flooding or roof leaks than you can with HVAC units, but hear me out here. I used to use window air conditioners throughout my entire house. Unfortunately, my house was built a long time ago, and the windows tilt forward, which means that the window air conditioners tilt forward while sitting on the window frame. Now, I knew that window air conditioners, like every other kind of air conditioner, will leak water outside as a way to rid itself of condensation. Unfortunately, since my window air conditioners were tilted forward, all of that water that should have been dripping outside was running down the bottom of the air conditioner and dripping into my window sill. I didn’t notice until the paint under the air conditioner was starting to look discolored. Now, the air conditioner is not the only HVAC unit that I have had trouble with. There have been a few times when my dehumidifier didn’t shut itself off when the water holding tank was full, and it dripped all over my floor. Other times the entire holding area cracked, spilling huge puddles of water onto my floor.


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