I hate to break promises to the kids

My boss is really mad at me right now, but I hate to break a promise to one of my kids.

My oldest daughter had a ballet recital on Wednesday night and I promised her that I would attend.

The last time she had a ballet recital, I was stuck working late on a furnace installation job. I promised my daughter that I would never put a furnace installation job ahead of her again. I didn’t realize how much it would hurt her when I did not show up to see her perform. I still work for the same heating company, and I told my boss about Wednesday night’s ballet recital. I told him that I was not going to miss it, and I asked him not to schedule me for any long furnace installation jobs. My afternoon job was a doozy. My work partner and I were sent downtown to work on a furnace installation job and a bar. The manager of the bar kept giving us a hard time about working in front of the customers. We probably would have finished long before 7, if the manager of the bar would have left us alone to do the job and complete the work. Instead, he continued to nag us every hour on the hour until I was fed up. At 6, we weren’t finished with the job and I called my boss. I was leaving to go home and take a shower, and I suggested that he send another person to help my partner finish up. My boss tried to make threats about my job, but my kids have to come first.

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