I set my humidistat when I leave my house for long periods of time

For two years straight I was working from home five days a week.

I never had to commute to a job and only ever got in my car to run simple errands.

I got really complacent with having such an easy and stress-free lifestyle for so long that it took me off guard when my boss said I would have to start traveling regularly to meet with clients. Even though I loved driving around when I was younger, it’s not something I enjoy doing any more. Regardless of whether or not my gas expenses are covered, it can be scary getting on the interstate every day and wondering if I will make it home safe and sound. It can be hard to shake this fear when I look at the traffic fatality statistics and then see the wrecks on the road each and every day. I also simply hate leaving my house unattended for long periods of time as well. Usually my air conditioning is fairly low, so I have to figure out how I want the thermostat set before I leave every morning. If I put it too low, the AC will run non stop while I’m gone which wastes electricity through cooling an empty house. But, if I put the temperature too high on the thermostat, the AC never runs and the house feels warm, sticky, and humid by the time I return in the early evening. Instead, I decided to start using the humidistat that came with my HVAC system. This way I can tell the thermostat to kick on the air conditioning whenever the indoor humidity level reaches a certain threshold. This will prevent the air in your home from deviating from safe moisture levels while also conserving as much electricity as possible. It’s the best solution I have found thus far short of buying and upgrading to a smart thermostat.

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