A better indoor environment is all we needed

The very first time all of us made complaints about indoor temperatures at the office, the management did not seem to care very much at all.

They agreed to address the problem with uneven temperatures, however, they didn’t call a heating, ventilation in addition to AC provider. They personally looked at many of the eight different systems oh, but they were unable to help at all. They decided to call someone to vacuum all of the tubes and get rid of the debris and dust inside of the ductwork. The indoor air quality inside of the office was absolutely lousy. The people I was with in addition to myself decided to write a complaint about everything happening inside of the office. It seems clear to all of us that the indoor air quality was lousy and this posed a great deal of health risks to the staff members. The people I was with in addition to myself we’re prepared to go to the human resource department and file lots of complaints. After that, a lot of things changed and the management team contacted a professional heating, ventilation in addition to AC company so they could fully take care of the system properly. They actually made a lot of changes and I added a UV air purifier to the system. The ultraviolet rays get rid of the bad stuff inside of the air and make it better for us to breathe. Management knew that we were serious about the indoor air quality and now they have made all of the necessary changes.

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