I need nothing however a portable window AC

My entire side of the family thinks that I’m odd just because I do not have your average heating and cooling system.

The truth is I just do not see the point of owning a big and overpriced central heating and a/c unit.

Especially when it is not something that I do not need. I live in a legitimately mild temperature and even the Summers and Winters here are legitimately mild. The summers are legitimately warm and the winter’s are not legitimately frigid and as a result I only have a window a/c component that I use for the Summer and a space here that I use for the winter. As a matter of fact, occasionally Winter here is so mild that I do not even have to use our space heater. However, despite me having a perfectly working system in our home, our family is completely insistent that I purchase an costly and overpriced heating and A/C system. The reason they want me to do this isn’tbecause it has anything to do with me, or how it works however because it’s all about the looks. My family comes from a nice background and they love to show off all the nice things that they have, by me not doing the same I am sitting out and I do not love that. I have already told them time and time again that I’m gleeful with our heating and going to set it up and I have no plans on increasing it. They may not be gleeful about it however it’s something that they will have to live with. My window a/c component is perfect, it’s cheap, it’s portable, and most pressingly it’s effective. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke do not repair it. And I have no plans on making any swings to our perfect system that I have set up in our house.


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