A fresh start

I sort of had a mid life crisis you could say! I had been laboring as a certified heating and air conditioner specialist for years until a single morning I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I had no interest in laboring on heating and air conditioners. I wanted something more out of life and a task in something that was not physical labor! Something more classy if you may. So I decided to quit our task of over 20 years and go back to school to get our degree in law! I feel going from heating and air conditioner specialist to lawyer is a big leap and kind of makes no sense, however it just sort of hit myself and others out of nowhere… Today I am a well paid and fully laboring lawyer. I have been for 5 years now and I am totally ecstatic! I do not miss heating and air conditioner toil at all! The only upside from myself and others being a former heating and air conditioner specialist is that if I ever have any concerns with our central heating and cooling unit, I will never have to spend hundreds to call the local heat and air conditioner supplier to send out a single of their most certified heating and cooling specialists to repair our central heating and air conditioner proposal unit! I can totally repair it myself, but even if there are parts that need to be replaced, I feel where to buy them and I will just do that. I will never spend a single cent on heating and air conditioner repair, air duct cleaning, Heating and Air Conditioning tune ups or anything that you would hire an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist to do!

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