Enjoying the summer time however saving on Heating plus A/C cooling costs too

I’ve finally come around to just how a single is supposed to deal with the summer time heat down here. I’m from up north plus entirely didn’t consider the summer time heat when all of us chose to move down here. When our wife was provided a promotion that came with relocation to the land of the heat pump, I was all in right off the bat. All I could feel of was saying so long to the cold, the snow plus the high cost of Heating plus A/C heating for 5 or 6 months of the year. While I was sure thankful to have good gas oil furnace all of us had in that house, I just hated what it cost to entirely be cozy warm. But I chose cost over discomfort every year. So moving to the south meant that we’d have a heat pump that would take care of all our heating plus cooling needs. All all of us had to do was flip the thermostat from cooling to heating plus the heat pump took care of the rest. When people would mention the heat of summer time down here, I just waved them off. What was a little heat? Well, turns out it’s not just a little heat. It’s a ton of heat plus humidity that has to be managed from June through September. And I was simply replacing the high cost of Heating plus A/C heating up north with Heating plus A/C cooling costs down here. Finally, I’ve got it a bit figured out now. I wait as long as possible to crank the air conditioner in the Springtime so I can get used to the heat. Then, I seal up the beach house super tight, cover up windows that get direct sunlight heating plus keep a consistent thermostat setting. That’s entirely all it takes.

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