Summer state of mind can save a ton of money on HVAC cooling

I’ve seen plenty of newcomers to the part just not hold up to the summer.

And I don’t like that for them.

These are people who often have dreamed and planned about a life or a retirement in the south only to have those dreams dashed. But that’s sort of the trouble with moving someplace you on go on getaway. The weather here is indeed just so beautiful during the winter. Hence all the people who come down from the north to prefer that weather when there is nothing however gas furnace HVAC heating going on. Still, that’s such a misrepresentation of the sort of year round weather all of us have in this region. The Summer is just brutal tepid with tons of humidity and no amount of air conditioning will change that. Too often I watch as these modern folks come down here only to be stunned by the Summer heat and hole up inside the HVAC cooling. That’s just not the way to do it and it’s such a important expense when it comes to all that air conditioning utility costs. But it entirely just doesn’t have to be that way either. So when I have the occasion to help out a newcomer to the part when it comes to the heat, I make a point of doing just that. The first thing I tell them is that acceptance goes a undoubtedly long way when it comes to managing the heat in the summer. So don’t go right for the thermostat setting during the Spring and instead, let the body begin to actemperature to the heat. Then, add in the air conditioning once the real heat hits in the summer. It’s a guaranteed successful way to navigate the Summer heat in this region.

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