I am not sure if we’re ready for another pandemic

Are all of us going to get slammed with yet another pandemic? I’m seeing that the monkeypox cases are going up quite speedily & it makes me wonder if all of us will have an up-to-date wave of this virus now.

  • I invested in this stock SIGA because they make a vaccine for the virus & their stock has been climbing totally steadily since the up-to-date outbreak was reported.

I wonder how this situation came to be? Anyways, life must go on & I have to keep working at the heating & cooling appliance dealership like nothing has changed. I basically plan on maybe taking a trip back to the states in September to get a job working for my pal, the local supplier, however if this up-to-date virus gets out of hand then I will have no choice but to stay in my home overseas. Traveling is bad enough without any virus scares so if the monkeypox thing keeps growing then it genuinely seems like I won’t be traveling for a while again. I will just keep working with my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C appliance tech buddies here over the winter holidays & save cash for my next trip home when things calm down again. I am not built for airports & jetliners & any actual chance I get to avoid them is fantastic for me. I almost lost my suitcase in the airport last time I traveled because I left it in the bathroom by mistake. Also, the air conditioning appliance in the airports & planes is usually too frigid for me & I end up getting sick for a duration of time during my flights. Flying is pretty much for the birds.


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