An incompetent Heating plus A/C tech

My boss is a guy named Bill, plus he is a super nice guy, although a bit clueless.

Bill’s Mom is the man who founded this business, plus over the course of 20 years he built it into something special.

He developed a reputation with the locals, a single so strong that when he retired the business never lost a step. He turned the business over to Bill, who is relaxing with clients however entirely knows almost nothing about heating plus cooling systems. His Mom was a genius with Heating plus A/C work, plus yet Bill is glad to answer the iPhones plus blissful-hand the clients. The problem is that Bill wants his child to start unquestionably working at the Heating plus A/C business, too, plus the child is a bad plum. How do you explain to your boss that his child is too wild, stoned, plus stupid to handle professional Heating plus A/C work? Since I can’t say those things I just make a lot of notes on our Heating plus A/C call sheet. That is what all of us call the printed list of the day’s Heating plus A/C tasks. I always keep copious notes on everything the current child does during our heating plus cooling appointments. It would be bad enough just unquestionably working with the kid, however Bill expects myself and others to turn him into a full-fledged Heating plus A/C tech, plus that isn’t something I am capable of. The man who built this dealer was a legendary figure in the Heating plus A/C industry, however it seems that his progeny are morons. I wish someone would give myself and others an Heating plus A/C business plus let myself and others run it!



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