The Heating & Air Conditioning industry is booming

I don’t believe how to service s, & my partner doesn’t believe how to write invoices or collect debts! This is what makes us such a enjoyable combination, both in marriage & in business, and hank handles all the buyer services, the home calls, & the upgrades, and i manage the office, I set appointments, answer the iPhones, & balance the books, without both of us finally working our hardest, this little Heating & Air Conditioning service company wouldn’t work.

Hank & I remain focused on our long-term goals of becoming major Heating & Air Conditioning suppliers, & then being able to sell our company for a big profit.

It’s an ambitious plan, but seeing how in-demand Heating & Air Conditioning services are these days, I know it’s only a matter of time & taxing work, but ever since COVID hit this country the Heating & Air Conditioning industry has had more task than they could handle. All across the country Heating & Air Conditioning suppliers reported record business, so much that a whole community of freelance Heating & Air Conditioning techs sprung up to handle the excess workload, but once everyone was afraid of the air they breathed, media air cleaners became super popular, but now that the panic has subsided, people are wanting to get rid of these media air cleaners. This is enjoyable news for the Heating & Air Conditioning industry, because nobody will get a refund, they will entirely have to pay to have the media air cleaners removed, which is more profitable for us. Hank & I are taking all the Heating & Air Conditioning clients every one of us can handle, & it is keeping us both tied up for 60 hours a week or more! At this rate, our little Heating & Air Conditioning company will be a big success in no time.



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