She Had a Special Gift for Heating and Air Conditioning Restoring

I knew Amy was special, even when people thought she was slow. Amy was a baby with expressive eyes that constantly seemed to be learning everything around her. She was late in learning how to talk, how to crawl, and how to be potty trained. I knew that Amy wasn’t slow, she was just a bit different. She developed at an odd speed compared to the other kids, however I knew she would come into her own. When she did, it was in a most interesting way. She was three or four years old when both of us had a problem with our a/c unit. Every one of us could only afford one of those small box a/c units that you mount in a window. A local heating and air conditioning tech came over and spent a few days examining our unit before cleaning the air filter as well as giving it a tune up. The whole thing took about 45 minutes, and afterward the air conditioner ran much better. As the heating and air conditioning tech did his job, Amy sat nearby and really studied him. A few weeks later the trouble repeated itself, and that was when I saw Amy trying to repair the air conditioner herself. She remembered every single thing the heating and air conditioning tech did, and repeated it with uncanny precision. She took out the air filter, cleaned it, and then slid it back into its place. Then she popped the side panel using a screwdriver, but before she could reach her little hands inside the air conditioner I pulled her away. After that day, I realized that Amy was quiet as well as withdrawn, but a genius when it came to mechanical systems such as air conditioners.


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