Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover the Costs of Bee Extraction

A year ago, while I was inside our garage, I heard some different buzzing noises. I called the spouse and he investigated and found out that we had a swarm of bees inside the walls of the garage, and I was shocked as this has never happened before. At first, my spouse wanted to exterminate the bees himself, but I preferred to find out our best opportunity to safely remove the bees. Well, after doing some research, I discovered that if we have the bees detached and we suffer injuries to our lake house that our homeowners insurance will not cover the injuries. So, not only would we need to pay a bee removal service, however we would also be responsible for any repairs associated with the bee removal. After discovering this, my spouse wanted to try to get rid of the bees himself. But I have always heard that bees are becoming an endangered species, so I wanted to make sure that we weren’t violating any laws. Based on what I found, it is not illegal to remove bees from our property, however it is advocated to have the swarm eradicated by a professional bee removal business. I was able to find some lake house remedies on how to remove the bees in the most humane way possible using less chemical agents. In the end, we decided to contact a beekeeper and he was able to safely remove the bees. And we didn’t have to pay for anything as there was no damage caused to our property. Because the beekeeper didn’t charge us for his services, my spouse provided him a tip for getting rid of the bees.