Most of her clients prefer getting their hair and nails done at home

Our sister is a talented beautician.

However, she doesn’t have a store.

She’s done well for herself. Our sister is a traveling beautician and because she doesn’t have a shop of her own, she services her clients in their homes. Most of her clients have no issue getting their hair or nails done in the comfort of their homes. But, it becomes a hassle for our sister because she has to carry all her tools and supplies wherever she goes. If a client wants their hair and nails done, she has to carry all that she will need. So, to help our sister, we have offered to find a space for rent for her. We will spend our savings for the shop for 8 months until she can take over the rent herself. Our sister agreed for us to search for the shop section for rent for her beautician business. We explained that it would be easier for her clients to come to her and because the section will be shared with other businesses. Our sister can still make house calls whenever she wants to. So, the shop space will help her expand her corporation and it will prepare her for running her own shop in the future. Our sister is still young so if she got started now, in no time, she could potentially have her own shop and will be able to offer a shop space for rent to others as well as coming beauticians. This is an investment that we’re willing to make for our little sister, and this will guarantee that we will get free hair and nails service for life. We call that a win win!

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