The heating and cooling business was trying to repair the gas furnace

The other day, we had to get a different heating and cooling business to come to our house. The one that we usually use was all booked up and the heating and cooling business said that the only guy that they had available was someone who was brand new to the corporation. I guess they felt like they were supposed to disclose that information to us as a bit of a disclaimer or something. The weather was freezing and it was supposed to keep getting colder over the weekend. We didn’t want to be stuck without a working gas furnace over the weekend and so we told the guy at the heating and cooling business that we would be nice with having the new guy come out to the home to look at the gas furnace for us. Well, within a few hours of getting to our house, we realized that we had made a really big mistake. We were enjoying the progress on the gas furnace for a while, but things didn’t seem like were going all that well. The heating and cooling business was trying to repair the gas furnace and he just didn’t seem to know what he was doing. He kept stopping and scratching his head and looking all puzzled, then at one point, he got on his cellphone and he called the heating and cooling office to get a second opinion. I wasn’t feeling all that confident about this guy fixing our gas furnace by this point, to tell you the truth. I was afraid that he was going to cause a fire or something if he didn’t get some assistance.


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