Another peaceful day of air purification

I woke up a bit tense this morning for some reason, and I believe I might know the culprit.

There is a big tournament going on today that I normally would be playing in, but my knees have been acting up and I am trying not to overuse them.

A lot of my friends are out in the sand now playing, just about a two minute bike ride from my flat, so I believe the tension is coming from knowing they are all out there right now while I rest in the condo writing. I believe the local corporation is going to have a get-together afterwards and my associate and I will play music in the air conditioned beach bar that is located right next to the beach where the tourney is. I also believe they will take a cut midday to eat supper and relax and then the finals will be later on in the evening. I will finally do my heating and A/C tech writing work when they take a cut later for a couple of hours and hopefully I can also write all of my heating and cooling articles while the cut is happening. I will go down to the beach in about 30 minutes and watch some of the matches while chilling out in my little beach chair. I am also toiling in air conditioned luxury now while all of them sweat away on the hot beach. It is now April 7th and the various temps are heating up quickly, telling me that summer time is going to be a long hot one this year with lots of temperature control on the menu.

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