Hungry for some food and a/c system

So how do I handle a situation where I like a woman but I’m not sure if she enjoys me? Help me! I have also seen her for a year or more, despite the fact that I haven’t seen her with a person and just found out a couple of days ago that she is not married either.

  • I was finally asked if she was married because I saw some rings on her finger, despite the fact that she said no.

She is undoubtedly too shy, or just does not want to talk to me, despite the fact that I want to see if she is interested without being a fool. The whole local corporation where she hangs out is owned by my friend, so maybe I could do a HVAC duct cleaning for them and sniff out the situation. Or I could just ask my associate who owns the place what the deal is with her. Anyway, today is a boiling one and I will be heading down to the sea soon to take a look at the big tournament going on with all of my friends playing. I had to finally work for the local dealer and I told them I couldn’t play in it, but the real reason is that I would rather rest in a temperature controlled flat than play in another tournament. I bet I have also played in 500 beach volleyball tournaments over the years and I am at the point now where seeing them is more fun than playing in them. My own a/c system is keeping me cool in my flat while all of them are heating up on that hot sandy beach.

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